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KPI Products

KPI Industrial Controls designs, manufactures, and distributes equipment and systems for electrical distribution and control, radio frequency communications, automation, and more. We’re proud to represent the top brands in industry, and to collaborate with vendors and clients to develop innovative solutions for each unique operational and environmental challenge.


Based in Val Caron, Ontario, KPI Industrial Controls is a prominent manufacturer of advanced solutions for electrical distribution and control, radio frequency communication, automation, remote control, and a range of special and custom applications to manage operational and environmental challenges.

KPI prioritizes the use of cutting-edge technology in the design and development of products and systems to improve performance and reliability and are proud to set industry standards with efficient and innovative design, responsive delivery, and quality on- and off-site services.


Battery Backup Solutions

Top-notch commercial and industrial battery backup solutions to meet a wide range of power and physical requirements (120v to 600v). Whether for small business or large enterprises, KPI systems are always accurately sized and supplied to ensure seamless backup systems guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply.

Camera Systems

Reliable solutions for transmitting video from hazardous areas to safe locations. Wired or wireless transmission options available in standard and high definition formats.



Custom Panels

KPI’s panel solutions meet the needs at all phases of the life cycle, from design and fabrication to assembly and installation. Our custom panel build projects answer “I need something to do this,” all the way to, “I need a panel built around this part.” If you need it, we can build it.

Fan Starters

Fan starters with programmable overload relay.

Fiber Interface Panels (FIPs)

Renowned for its fiber optic interface panels (FIPs), KPI’s specialized communications equipment is tailor-made for the most challenging operating conditions. Widely used in both critical infrastructure and general communications at multiple mine sites across Ontario, KPI Industrial’s FIPs are designed and built to meet specific environmental requirements and unique operational needs and applications. All KPI network panels are high-quality, designed and built to meet the most rigorous industry standards while ensuring maximum efficiency and reliable operations.

High-Voltage Junction Boxes

Specialized junction boxes designed to handle electrical connections and wiring associated with high-voltage systems (above standard residential or commercial levels, usually ~1,000 volts or more).

Junction Boxes

Essential electrical housing protects connections and wiring and helps organize, contain, and safeguard electrical connections, increasing the safety and reliability of an industrial environment’s electrical systems.

LED Lights - Empyrean

A great option for any industrial and commercial lighting application, Empyrean Lighting is robust and engineered to withstand some of the harshest environments. Empyrean’s Andromeda series is IP 66 Rated to operate in -40C to +55C temperatures, and impact resistant (IK10 rating). LED lights comes with amazing power factor of 0.95, and high power efficiency with a lifespan of 60,000 hours. Multi-coloured and app-controlled lights also available.

Mine Power Centres

KPI’s refurbished Mine Power Centres are great for a range of applications, built to withstand harsh weather and operating environments at surface and underground. These centres convert power sources to usable voltage, and organize and protect the electrical components housed within. Multiple shapes and sizes available for specific applications, with custom builds available upon request.

Marcel Gates & Openers

Advanced devices to control pneumatic and electronic doors and gates in mining and industrial environments.


Panel Transformers

KPI Industrial produces a range of transformer models that operate on a 600V-240/120V system and include integrated distribution panels. Frequently utilized by construction crews in developing mining zones, these transformers can be customized to include optional mine plugs and screening hooks to enable swift deployment in locations with single-phase power (e.g., where only a 600V system is available).

Portable Inverter Stations

KPI Industrial’s portable inverter stations convert DC battery power into AC power. 120 and/or 240vac outputs are available, with continuous power delivery of up to 6000w.  These advanced power systems provide safe, efficient, and reliable power, even when operations are separated from the grid or other standard power sources. Our technicians stay on top of advancements in technology, and continually update stations to align with the most current requirements.

Power Distribution Racks

KPI Industrial’s customizable power distribution racks feature a disconnect, lighting panel, and step-down transformer. Designed with flexibility in mind, these racks enable power systems for specific applications and provide safe and efficient power for equipment and devices, regardless of a project’s scale.

Wireless Bridge - CanBus

Wireless –  Two-way communication between remote operators and mobile equipment using hardwired CanBus protocol. Converts analog to wireless. Suitable for rough industrial environments. Eliminates use of hardwired cables. Secure and reliable connection within 300 meters.

Remote I/O –  Transmission of digital and analogue I/O signals for hard wired circuit loops (e.g., E-Stop, Fire Suppression, and Tilt Switch). Once external circuit loops are eliminated, safety-rated relays are used to open and close modified circuit loops.

Battery Life – (3X) 2500mAh Li Ion rechargeable batteries with 20 hours of runtime


  • Eliminate cable-tripping hazards
  • Minimize downtime
  • Decrease operational cost
  • Fast return on investment






Proudly representing industry’s leading brands.