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RF Communications Testing & Verification for Vale Sudbury


Vale is one of the world’s leading nickel producers. Vale’s Sudbury mines run Radio Frequency (RF) Testing to verify, test and document thousands of radios, remotes and wireless devices going in the mine site per month. The mining company was looking for a reliable RF Contractor they could trust with meeting all the safety protocols, providing detailed documentation and minor repairs and solutions on a regular basis.

Scope of Work:

KPI Industrial Controls was awarded the Vale contract to provide daily onsite qualified Field Technicians to test, verify, document and repair remotes, radios and wireless devices throughout the year. KPI Industrial Controls has several qualified and full-time Field Technicians for Radio Frequency Communication Testing & Verification.

KPI Solution: Success

The on-going RF project has demonstrated KPI’s expertise in helping the customer significantly improve the processing and turn-around rate for RF Communication Testing & Verification and maintain detailed site documentation.

KPI Industrial can provide qualified on-site RF testing for your company. Contact us now for a quote.

Before & After Photos- Panel Rebuilds & Retrofits

Ground Fault Pump Starter –
Panel Refurbishing

Unsafe wires.
Open cover, potential arc flash.
Wires are in placed a wire-way.

I have used the services provided by KPI for the past couple of years. Services such as fiber optic repair and troubleshooting, new fiber optic installs, vehicle tracking supply of material and installations All work provided by KPI has been professional and has exceeded my expectations. I have no doubt that I will be using their services now and into the future.
Garnet Graham, Process Control Network Analyst, Creighton Mine – Vale

Automated Haul Road Dust Suppression


Eliminate over-watered mine roads.

Inconsistent application on water on unsealed roads resulted in serious incidents involved in equipment loosing traction.
Vehicles were losing traction and flipping over as a result of over-water road surface.

The water truck operator determined the water volume and location of water to be applied to the road surface.
Other road users were required to adjust their driving according to the over-watered surface roads.
Water truck configurations have remained largely unchanged in 15-20 years. Spot watering was being used to avoid loss of traction.

Scope of Work:

KPI Industrial Controls configured:

  • Water pump output linked to truck speed.
    Low: 5 -19 km
    Medium: 20 – 35 km
    High: + 35 km
  • Electronic Controller incorporated to sense ground speed and then regulates water flow and spray head activation.
  • Modified control box
  • Solenoid control box to regulate water flow
  • No water delivered below 5 km/h

KPI’s Solution: Success

  • The road surface is dampened not flooded.
  • The watering application is consistent, there are no over wet or dry sections.
  • Decreased incidents involving mine vehicles loosing traction on mine roads.
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KPI Work History

Vale – Contract # 5900036240

Start Date: 18/03/2016      End Date: 31/03/2019

KPI was awarded a recent contract with Vale for All Plants – Automation Supports Services which included the following;

  1. Fiber Optic Technician
  2. Automation Technician
  3. Instrumentation Technician
  4. Communication Technician
  5. Motor/ VFD Technician
  6. Training

KPI Instrumentation Work History

Client Name: Vale – Totten Mine

Contract Number: 1253-CC-143 Instrumentation Inspection and Calibration
Contact: Jack MacIsaac
Phone Number: 705-866-3829
Duration: 2010-2012

Approx Value: $80,000/ year
Scope of Service: Inspect, Service, Maintain, Calibrate and repair as required, instrumentation for HDS plant, Water Treatment plant, Sewage Treatment Plant and Victoria Creek Pumphouse

Vale – Totten Mine
Contract Number: 1253-CC-143
Instrumentation Inspection and Calibration (Jack MacIsaac) (2010-2012)

Scope of Service: Inspect, Service, Maintain, Calibrate and repair as required, instrumentation for HDS plant, Water Treatment plant, Sewage Treatment Plant and Victoria Creek Pumphouse

Vale – Creighton Mine – Maestro and Accutron Repairs (Brian Keen) (2012-2014)

  • 5000 L – Supply of Maestro Modular Air Flow System installation and Calibration
  • 3 Shaft – Supply and Labour of Accutron ACCU PLUS Universal HandHeld Programmer to reprogram TP, TPD, TPE, TPED, TPE2, TPE2 D, TPE3, TPE3 D, In-line circulator pumps
  • 2600 L – Supply and Replace Air Quality Station

Primero – Black Fox Mine – Installation (Harri Ollila) (2014- Present)

Supply, Installation and Calibration for the Automation and integration of the treatment plant for precipitating Arsenic and control of the following devices to be controlled by Schneider HMI (schHMIIGT05310 Touch) and Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 with RSLogix 5000;

  • Ultrasonic level transmitters, CE Transmitter RTD, Endress & Hausser PH meter, Grundfos – Aldos Meter, Delta Pump, Endress & Hausser (promag 50) flow Meters, and RSi S4 Series VFDs

“They have always done an excellent job.”

KPI has been doing all of our fiber splicing and terminations a couple of years now. They have always done an excellent job and in a timely manner and they are always available whenever we need them. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have any type of fiber work done. – David Reed, Maintenance Supervisor, Creighton Mine


KPI was contracted by KGHM to re-terminate the entire Craig and Levack mine fiber optic systems since the current one was outdated, fragile and unreliable. The entire process was managed by their team and was well communicated from scope or work to the final prints after completion of the contract.

The scope of work outlined each individual termination point which facilitated planning each outage as well as allocate funds to each area.

All data was properly recorded and logged in order to set up a baseline for maintenance purposes which was all released to KGHM in the form of paper and electronic formats (including autoCAD updates).

I would certainly consider KPI a well-managed company consisting of respectful employees that pride themselves with quality workmanship. For all outsourced fiber work with KGHM, KPI remains a preferred service provider in which I would certainly not hesitate to work with again, no matter the magnitude of the project.

Jason Poulin, Electrical Supervisor - KGHM - Morrison Mine