Tribal Whips are long lasting and dependable.

LED Lighted Whip Overview:

Tribal Whips

LED Whip Quick Connect / Disconnect Mount System:

Lighted whips include our proprietary mounting system. If you already have a Tribal Whips mount, you can purchase the whip without the mount kit when adding whip(s) to the shopping cart.

The mount is made from machined billet aluminum, hard anodized to resist corrosion, and complete with stainless steel hardware to attach it to your vehicle. Switching between your non-lighted whips and LED lighted whip is as simple as pulling a pin, no tools required.

LED Whip Circuitry:

Designing an electronic circuitry that can endure the abuse of the industrial community takes knowledge and experience. Our circuitry include a number of design elements that make our whips the most durable and capable of accepting the high vibration loads, and abuses of the industrial environment And they’re made from the highest quality materials and assembly practices.

LED Whip Pole:

Our poles are made from high strength, light weight plastic that’s very flexible, boasts high clarity, and are crack resistant

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High strength, light weight, flexible, high clarity, and crack resistant.