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KPI Industrial Controls is industry’s reliable mining consumables distributor of choice for power, automation & instrumentation products and equipment.

Our customers look to us as their mine solutions partner for troubleshooting, fabrication, installation, repair and rebuilds on mine power centres, panels and portable power systems.

Our base in Sudbury – the mining capital of Canada – allows KPI to keep an ear to the ground: sensing how the industry is changing, while continually testing and improving our equipment.

At KPI, we’re not just selling equipment, we’re selling solutions and building long-term relationships. And those relationships don’t end when our equipment is shipped off the lot. In keeping with our philosophy of unparalleled support, KPI provides extensive After-Market service: cost saving repairs, rebuilds, retrofits and refurbishing on all makes and models.

  • We believe there is always a solution
  • We do what we say we’ll do
  • We finish what we start
  • We do it on time
  • We believe in service excellence
  • We give you our personal best
  • We deliver on our promises


Dustin MaillouxGeneral Manager
Dustin Mailloux is the General Manager and holds the 442A-Industrial Electrician certification from Cambrian College – Electrical Engineering Technologist Program.

Dustin Mailloux is a skilled individual who possess fundamental and specialized knowledge and skills related to the installation and maintenance of electrical devices and components found in industrial and Mining Environment having spent over 10 years in his field, has taught him the importance of safety, installation practices, maintenance, testing, troubleshooting and repair of industrial electrical equipment and associated electrical and electronic controls.

Being the General Manager, of KPI Industrial Controls, it is my responsibility for overseeing all administrative functions. A major part involves leading and directing employees, delegates administrative tasks, such as accounting, paperwork and payroll, while giving the freedom to deal with many other issues. In doing so, I ensures administrative efficiency, proper procedure, implementation of policies and employee morale.

Steven StoboRF Specialist / Network Administrator and Computer Technician
Steven Stobo is an RF Specialist / Network Administrator and Computer Technician. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, Philosophy and History, a Diploma in computer programming and Systems Analysis and is currently working to complete the CCNA certification.

Steven is no stranger to RF, Computers and Electronics, having spent 15 years working in the Computer, Communications Electronics and RF fields, which taught him the importance of quality of service and exceeding standards.

Passionate about Remote Controls, electronics and systems integration, Steven provides RF Verification, documentation repairs as well as network design and repair services that help companies of all sizes manage everything from remote control fleets to frequency spectrum management to information technology.

Richard LevasseurAutomation Specialist
Richard Levasseur is an Automation Specialist, and holds the Electronic Engineering degree from College Boreal.

Richard is no stranger to Automation and Controls, having spent 10 years as an Automation and Communication Technologist, which taught him the importance of innovations.

Passionate about designing control systems and its possibilities, Richard provides automation and communication services that helps, industrial production process and safety.

Chris SeguinTechnician
Chris is a technician and holds the Electrical Engineering Technology-Industrial Program diploma from Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Chris is no stranger to Industrial controls, having spent 8 years as a Shop technician and a Fiber optic technician, which taught him the importance of good technical skills and safe work habits.

Passionate about new technologies and its possibilities, Chris provides technical services that help KPI and customers to improve quality of work and supply top of the line products.

Sheena MeaneyOffice Administrative Professional
Sheena Meaney is an office administrative professional, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a Major in Marine Biology (BSc.) from the University of New Brunswick Saint John, as well as a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd.) from St Thomas University.

Sheena is no stranger to working with people and recognizing the importance of technology, having spent 3 years as a teacher and mentor to students. She has also spent time in the mining industry/environmental, which taught her the importance of team building.

Passionate about the future and its possibilities, Sheena provides valuable services that help record, maintain, and support KPI’s endeavours to grow in all facets of industry.

TitanQuality inspector and Mascot
Titan is one of the most inspiring of our team members, tasks with keeping up moral and making sure our service is top notch.

KPI is ISO Certified.

KPI Industrial Controls documents, implements, and maintains a quality management system and continually improves its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 International Standard.

KPI is proud of our safety record with ZERO loss-time work injuries since 2003.

KPI recognizes that productivity is directly correlated to safety performance. One accident or injury can cause schedule delays, hard and soft cost increases and cause missed deadlines. More importantly, injuries to precious human assets are not acceptable to KPI, their families or our customers.

As part of our program, KPI employees receive extensive safety training before starting work and also receive project specific safety orientation at the jobsite.

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